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Prima Vera: A Time for Renewal

Prima Vera: A Time for Renewal

It is spring, a time of renewal. Prima Vera, first green; the light has changed, the days are getting longer, and there is a sense of newness in the air. All sorts of critters and plants are waking up, figuratively or actually, from their long winter sleep. Similarly, it is time to take stock of your own personal well-being. What would you like to see for yourself going forward in the New Year? This is not about resolutions, they are too easy to ignore as time goes by. It is about a plan for better health and vitality. No, it is not about going to the gym or eating a “more healthy” diet. Rather, it is about a plan to move forward toward happiness. What is being suggested involves not only achieving physical well-being but mental and emotional contentment, as well. Take the time to reflect. Picture what you would like to have your life look like. You don’t have to do it all right now. It is not probable that everything you want will happen all at once, but the universe loves a clear plan to work with. Circumstances change. People change and plans change. But if you can envision an overall plan for your life you are ahead of the game. Spring time provides the best opportunity to do that. Many of us are city dwellers with, at best, tenuous connections to the natural world around us. Even so, I am hoping you feel the tug of spring’s message of “renewal” and are able to respond to it.

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